Floria Herrero González (San José, 1994) is an art historian and independent curator with a Bachelor’s Degree from Complutense University in Madrid. Her thesis project, a study on her grandmother Floria Pinto’s artistic production, was published after receiving an honorary recognition.

She is co-founder of Praxis, an iniciative that aims to map and document the artistic production by contemporary artists from Costa Rica, as well as the spaces that emerge around them (from institutions, artist-run spaces and workshops) with the aim of giving way to a live archive, an accessible platform capable of synthesizing current tendencies, creating a thread that moves closely to the work done by other cultural agents. The purpose of the project is to present the information to both the general public and more specialized groups, collectionists or any individual interested in learning more about the current state of art.  

Floria is also a recurring collaborator in _temporal, an artist-run space that was founded with the purpose of expanding from one of production to one of reflection, starting with a residency program, workshops, exhibitions and other complementary activities.

Her research interests focus in memory and performativity, particularly in the study of family structures based on the study of space and objects through the photographic image, as well as the emotional landscape that emerges through the possible relations  body - space - memory. 

In 2021 she began her own curatorial practice, developing diverse projects focused in reflecting on and making visible the work produced by emerging artists from Costa Rica, specially that produced by women. 

She currently lives and works in Mexico City.

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